South Eastern New Mexico State Fair VFW Booth Roswell

VFW Booth at Roswell Fair

VFW Post 8703 will have a booth in the commercial building at the fair this week.  Bringing your DD214 and qualified Veterans can join the VFW at No cost to them.  Post 8703 is going to pay your dues for one year just to get you involved.

Our Service officer will be on site Monday through Wednesday starting at 6pm.

Commercial building is open Monday 12pm-10pm Tuesday-Thursday 4pm-10pm Friday-Sat 12pm -10pm

If you need help getting your DD-214 the form is in the menu above and you can fill it out and bring it to us and we will fax it in directly vs the mail in method which is considerably slower.

The VFW allows qualified veterans to benefit their community, finding people who need help and having the power of like minded experienced individuals help you make the difference where you think it should be made.

Vice Commander Lairson will be on site the entire week and we can put qualified candidates directly into the computer at the fair.

With a 35 year gap in age from the Vietnam to the Gulf wars we need strong minded Vietnam Vets to help younger combat vets focus all the drive and energy they were given into their community their way.

The VFW is a combat veteran charity only 15% of the veterans will ever see combat and this Organization founded September 29, 1899 (117 years old) is modeled after the 1000 + year Cross of Malta organizations.  The reason its the oldest and strongest is only a few of the service veterans qualify with the min req of 60 days Hazard duty/Combat.

Don’t disqualify yourself come talk to Vice Commander Lairson in person.

Parents of combat vets, brothers, sisters, children Join the Auxiliary at the fair as well.  The Post will pay for Care packages to your loved ones who are still active or educate you so you can guide yourself and others through the mess of VA hoops they may be going through.

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