KBIM 94.9 Country Giant Dedicates an Hour to Post 8703, Carlsbad

94.9 Country Giant94.9 Country Giant


KBIM 94.9 Country Giant went above and beyond today in their efforts to help combat vets of southern New Mexico.   Dedicating a full hour of their morning show to our efforts to not only raise awareness for what the VFW does in the community, but to drive members to join us in that effort.

With a 35 year gap between the Vietnam war and the Gulf war veterans there is an upcoming loss of experience on combat veterans who engage their home communities to improve the lives of everyone around them.  Standing up and taking a second oath to be better and take a leadership role in making others better by example.

Commander Len Hampton of the State of New Mexico Veterans of Foreign Wars directed Tom and Donny Lairson to establish a post in Roswell that met the quality standards of Carlsbad’s VFW Post.  Carlsbad’s post is not only the pride of New Mexico, District 7 (which is Roswell as well) is the only All-American District in the country with over 14,000 VFW posts being represented.  Allowing those who want to get involved to do so without hesitation and with great pride in knowing there is always someone you can’t see working to make things happen.

Experience is something you get shortly after you need it.  Its our effort to head off this loss gap and give the Combat Veterans of Roswell, New Mexico the experience they need to be successful on day one.

Please come see us at the fair and if we are slammed be patient with me I will work until there is no more work to do, so you always have time to get in touch with me.

Show your retirement card or your VA card at the gates and Vets and their families get in free and parking has also been free.  We have computers setup at the fair to make what is normally a 6 week process a 15 minute one.

Thanks again to the great staff at 94.9 for what they have done for their community.

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